A huge classical film from Walt Disney
first projection on 13 august 1942.
This movie, treasure of discoveries and praise of innocence are an anthem of the beauty of nature and the miracles of the life.

Life of a young fawn, the training of its life...
One finds here the birth and lonely beginnings, the discovery of the forest and the fight to survive...
At dawn, the new prince of the forest borned : Bambi. Hardly it was born that it dives in the coppices, still badly ensured on its delicate legs.
Under the vigilant and wise eye of Master owl, Bambi will learn the lessons of life, art to grow, the love and the mourning of those which one likes.

Finally he will become the king of the forest as was his father.
The symbolic system of nobility and force associated with the stag is the conducting line of this animated drawing.