Here are few books I found about Deer and other species. Some are for Kids, other are very specifics or generalists. You may find the one you need to learn more about those beautiful animals !

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Books for Kids

All about DeerAll about Deer

The fascinating and charming picture book explores where deer live, what they eat, surprising facts about their antlers, and more.
Deer and ElkDeer and Elk
A clear, balanced text and fifty color photographs chronicle the lifestyles of white-tail deer, mule deer, and elk, the problems of overpopulation and overgrazing, and possible ways to balance deer and human needs.
Deer watchingDeer watching
Wildlife Watching
Deer, Moose, Elk and CaribouDeer, Moose, Elk and Caribou

Put on some Antlers and Walk like a MoosePut on some Antlers and Walk like a Moose
How Scientists Find, Follow, and Study Wild Animals (Single Titles-Grade Level 5-8)
A Caribou journeyA Caribou journey
Surveys the migrations, habits, and habitat of a herd of caribou in Alaska.
Whitetails for KidsWhitetails for Kids
Describes the characteristics and behavior of the white-tailed deer and follows a fawn through its first year of development.
Deer Family (Zoobooks Series)Deer Family (Zoobooks Series)
Zoobooks, the 59-book animal series - the "everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask" guide to the world's most fascinating creatures. Each exciting edition of Zoobooks is packed with current scientific facts, striking photography, beautiful illustrations and unique activities that teach children about animals and the habitats in which they live. With innovative publications and products, Wildlife Education, Ltd. has enriched the lives of children, parents, and educators nationwide for 20 years. All titles are offered in library-bound hardcover and soft-cover styles. Zoobooks, ideal for the knowledge-hungry 4-11 year old!

Books about Deer

The Encyclopedia of Deer: Your Guide to the World's Deer Species Including Whitetails, Mule Deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose, and MoreThe Encyclopedia of Deer: Your Guide to the World's Deer Species Including Whitetails, Mule Deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose, and More
"a unique source of information about all 45 of the world’s deer species, covering everything from the ubiquitous North American whitetail to the hairy-fronted muntjac of east China. "The Encyclopedia of Deer" thoroughly covers each species’ physical characteristics, behavior, range, and population (many species are rare and/or endangered), and its relationship to humans in the areas in which it lives. "
Farming Wapiti and Red Deer
Deer : Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
(Iucn/Ssc Action Plans for the Conservation of Biological Diversity)
Quality Whitetails: The Why and How of Quality Deer ManagementQuality Whitetails: The Why and How of Quality Deer Management
"It explains the how and why of Quality Deer Management (QDM) It convincingly debunks many of the myths about whitetail deer. It is not a book on how to hunt. It is a book on how to improve your deer herd to produce a healthy population with more trophy bucks."
Elk: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
"Beautiful photos by the author and his wife are accompanied by text discussing the North American elk's evolution, range, diet, behavior, physical characteristics, and predators, as well as conservation issues. 9x11.25" Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or."
Mule Deer: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
"Mule Deer" examines all facets of the life and environment of the mule deer, which inhabit the western portion of North America. Mule deer are the cousins of the whitetails, though they are a separate species. This book is Classic Bauer, filled with overview of facts, behavior, and conservation, as well as stories from Erwin's personal experiences.
Whitetails: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
"Rather than thinking of deer as "sweet, little brown-eyed animals," people should know these creatures are tough, resilient "super survivors," says Erwin Bauer. Surviving increased hunting and environmental pressure, whitetail deer thrive throughout the U.S. and inhabit all but about four states. Unlike most books that depict deer in one area, Whitetails show the deer in a vast range of environments, from swamp and semi-desert to ranch, farm, and woodlands."
Amazing Whitetails
Lot of beautiful pictures.
Whitetails in Action Whitetails in Action
Lot of beautiful pictures.
Quality Deer Management: The Basics and BeyondQuality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond
"Participation in Quality Deer Management (QDM) is quickly spreading across the United States. This full-color book thoroughly explores the tenets of QDM, including land development, proper animal harvest, obtaining good doe-to-buck ratios, developing nutritious food sources, and many more principles that lead to healthier deer herds and bigger bucks with larger antlers. "
The Deer of North AmericaThe Deer of North America
What a thrill to see this book back in print. It's first edition was one of the Outdoor Life series and has given us the tools to understand one of North America's most majestic creatures. The life cycle, aging, growth patterns, habitat and environmental needs of the whitetail are explained in detail with the writer's storyteller style mixed in. This book can be understood and enjoyed by young and old, hunters and ranchers, nature lovers and anyone interested in learning more about one of the most unique animals on earth.
Deer of the World : Their Evolution, Behaviour, and Ecology Deer of the World : Their Evolution, Behaviour, and Ecology
Detailed, concise information on the deer family's evolution, food habits, reproduction, anti-predator behavior, social behavior, dominance displays, and ecology makes DEER OF THE WORLD the most complete, up-to-date reference available on these intriguing animals. Each species' development is traced from prehistory to the present. 200 drawings.
North American Elk: Ecology and ManagementNorth American Elk: Ecology and Management
For elk researchers, this is an essential summary of the expansive research on elk.
White-Tailed Deer: Ecology and ManagementWhite-Tailed Deer: Ecology and Management
"Hall's book is a compilation of articles by some of the nation's leading deer experts. The chapters are both interesting and informative. They provide the necessary background you need to better understand the white-tailed deer,it's habitat and its behavior. It's a must own for professionals and serious lay persons alike."
Way of the Whitetail : Magic and MysteryWay of the Whitetail : Magic and Mystery
Very informative and down-to-earth at the same time
White-Tailed DeerWhite-Tailed Deer
With its detailed text, a pleasant blend of biological fact and personal observation, and stunning visuals, "White-Tailed Deer" is a visually stimulating and highly informative documentary of the life of the most recognizable of all North American animals.
The Whitehead Encyclopedia of DeerThe Whitehead Encyclopedia of Deer
A must have for anyone with an academic interest in large game management and biology.
The Deer Goddess of Ancient Siberia : A Study in the Ecology of Belief
Central to this study is the image of the deer within the iconography of the Early Nomads of South Siberia. By examining the symbolic structures revealed in the art and archaeology of the Early Nomads, the author challenges existing theories regarding Early Nomadic cosmology. The reconstruction of meanings embedded in the deer image carries the investigation back to rock carvings, paintings, and monolithic stelae of South Siberia and northern Central Asia, from the Neolithic period down through the early Iron Age. The succession of images dominating that artistic tradition is considered against the background of cultures -- including the Baykal Neolithic Afanasevo, Okunev, Andronovo, and Karasuk -- evolving from a hunting-fishing dependency to a dependency on livestock. The archaic mythic traditions of specific Siberian groups are also found to lend critical detail to the changing symbolic systems of South Siberia.
Outwitting Deer : 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Deer from Devouring Your Garden and Destroying Your YardOutwitting Deer : 101 Truly Ingenious Methods and Proven Techniques to Prevent Deer from Devouring Your Garden and Destroying Your Yard
"A useful, fact-filled book that is also downright fun to read."
Whitetail Monarchs: Legends of AutumnWhitetail Monarchs: Legends of Autumn
Few wild animals capture the imagination and attention of so many people as whitetail deer - especially the spectacularly antlered bucks. Their beauty, grace and majestic appearance leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to observe one. Whitetail Monarchs tells the story of these secretive, reclusive creatures interweaving a comprehensive narrative with over 200 absolutely remarkable color photographs of the largest bucks ever recorded on film. Barnett's comprehensive discussion reveals the behaviors and complex social structures, as well as the rare combination of skills, luck and genetics required to create a whitetail monarch. This beautifully produced book will certainly enlighten and delight nature lovers, sportsmen, and photographers.
Deer Antlers: Regeneration, Function and Evolution
The Natural History of Deer (Natural History of Mammals Series)
"After discussing the origins of deer, Putman (biology, Southhampton U., UK) describes the species of modern deer and their evolutionary relationships. He considers aspects of their physiology, ecology, and behavior and covers the life histories of the different species, population dynamics, and the interactions of deer with other animals, including man. Twenty color plates and 45 illustrations. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. "

Books about Mooses

Moose : Giants of the Northern ForestMoose : Giants of the Northern Forest
Overall, ... this book is one of the best of its genre ... Highly recommended
In outstanding photos and authoritative text, Moose covers the natural history of moose around the world, including range, diet, personality traits, breeding, social structure, and their interaction with humans both today and in history. Geist, a zoologist and professor, details the threats they face, and he passionately pleads for their preservation. Moose also includes sidebars and appendices, plus a list of organizations involved in moose issues.
Ecology and management of the North American MooseEcology and management of the North American Moose

Books about Caribou

The World of the CaribouThe World of the Caribou
Lavishly illustrated with some of the best photographs of caribou ever assembled, THE WORLD OF THE CARIBOU explores the spectacular migrations and aggregations of this fascinating but little-known creature. Biologist John Russell also traces the history of humankind's relationship with the caribou. 50 color photos.
Caribou: Wanderer of the TundraCaribou: Wanderer of the Tundra
CARIBOU: WANDERER OF THE TUNDRA captures this elusive animal in the stunning photographs and words of Alaska's noted wildlife photographer and author, Tom Walker.

Books about Roe Deer

Behavioural Ecology of Siberian and European Roe DeerBehavioural Ecology of Siberian and European Roe Deer
This book, the second in Chapman & Hall's Wildlife, Ecology and Behaviour Series, focuses on studies of both European and Siberian roe deer to provide an authoritative insight into the taxonomy, ecology, feeding patterns, social behaviour and population dynamics.