It's the time which has made deer famous. It is when we can hear their incredible cry. It resounds throughout the forest from the end of September (second fortnight) to the beginning of October.
There are different rut cries. Here are descriptions, you can listen to them clicking on the picture:

  • Presence cry: short and brief, it is, in fact only a deep and rough belch click to listen
  • Languishing cry: long, lonely and gloomy (ouh oh oh oh)click to listen
  • Defiance cry: high tone provocation (ho ho ho oh), click to listen
  • Pursuit cry: staccato cry emitted when the buck runs behind the doe (heu heu heu ...) click to listen
  • Triumph cry: powerful cry of the winner of the fight. click to listen

For other details on Deer behavior during this season, you can go to autumn page.