Clovis | Charlemagne

In Middle Age (from 500 to 1500 AJC), deer took a place in epic recit. It is described as a guide send by God, the one who show the way. Deer is symbol of incarnation. In medieval catholic tradition, it became Christ it-self. Deer symbolyse incarnate verbs. Some said it lives 900 years and even tired by the age, it can extract snakes from their holes only using its blow.

Here are 2 examples extract from famous middle age books.


Son of Childeric I and Basine, Clovis the Ist (466 - 511) took the place of his father as King of France (Sales) in 481. Roman Empire was down since more than 5 years. It's Merovingian period.

A doe took a place in Clovis life in 507. It was during his famous victory of Vouille against Wisigoths.
We find in "History of Francs" (Liber Historiae Francorum) from Gregoire de Tours (538-593) how a doe interact to give him the victory.
She showed him a way to go through the river for him and his army, and permit him to win the battle.

"The army was arrived along the Vienne river but ignored totally how to cross it as the river was flood with lot of rains. During the night, the kind prayed the Lord to show him how to pass the river; following morning, on God order, an extraordinary huge doe entered in the river before all eyes and crossing it, showed to all how to pass the river."



Grand-son of Charles Martel, Charles the first, the big other named Charlemagne (747-814) was son of Pepin le Bref and Bertrade (famous Berthe with big foots). He was kind of Francs (768-814) and emperor of Occident (742 - 814). It's Carolingian reign.

Charlemagne We find myth of saviour deer in "song of Roland", one of the first french writting from around 1090 AJC. This gestual song take place during Ronceveau battle in 778.
One of the text talk about how Charlemagne cross Gironde river in flood with the help of a white deer.