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It's time to lay in RESERVES.

During summer, does and their fawns live quietly. It's the end of nursing and the year-old fawns are weaned. Deer prepare for autumn and the rut.
They amass fat reserves. It is a hard physical trial. Bucks do not stay with the herd -- they gather together in small groups.

The rhythm of life for deer during this period is sleeping during the day (it's calling the refresh) and eating at night. At the end of summer, does and bucks are fattenned.

To get rid of parasites and to freshen up, they have the habit of rolling about in muddy hole.

Mud place


They eat tree leaves and herbs.

ANTLERS development

Velvet end

Antlers now mature. Blood circulation from the velvet stops and the skin dies and dries up. Deer get rid of it by rubbing their antlers against trees. They swallow the scraps that have peeled off.

New antlers are not yet tinted and they will take their final color over time. Now, they are hard.

Deer antlers can weight up to 12 kg. The complexity of antler formation increases with age and decrease with old age. Beautiful antlers are worn by 10-12 year old deer.