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| Pere David's deer |
| Elaphurus davidianus |


Pere David's deerCommun name : Pere David's deer
Latin name : Elaphurus davidianus (Milne-Edwards 1866)
Localisation : China (reintroduced)
Habitat : nature reserve
Size : 1,5 m length, 120 cm high, 135 kg

It was discovered at the last century by a french naturalist missionary in the park of the summer palace of Peking. Formerly widespread in Japan, in the north of China and in Mandchourie, it is extinct in wild state since 1920.
The Chinese call this deer "sze pu shiang" which means something to the effect of 'none of the four'. This odd name refers to this deer's supposed ownership of the neck of a camel, the hoofs of a cow, the tail of a donkey, and the antlers of a deer, though it is not completely like any one of these animals.
Characterized by a thick neck mane and "puffy" antlers. The antlers may be two pairs per year. The summer antlers are the larger set, and are dropped in November, after the June-August rut. The second set, if they appear, are fully grown by January, and are dropped a few weeks later.

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