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| Moose or Elk |

| Alces alces |


Moose or ElkCommun name : Moose or Elk
Latin name : Alces alces (Linnaeus 1758)
Localisation : northern Europe and Asia (Scandinavia to Siberia), Alaska, Canada, northern USA
Habitat : conifers forests, near lakes and rivers
Size : 2,5 to 3 m len

Largest member of the deer family, it can reach up to 2,35 m high and a weight of 330 to 635 kg for the males, 230 to 410 kg for the females. The antlers can reach up to 1,8 m scale and 20 kg weight and are oblates and palmates. Is characterized by a large, hooked muzzle with the appendix hanging under its throat (pampille or whalebone) and a hump on the shoulders.
Elk have no hard during the rut time but they probably mate successive does during one season. They eat shoots, leaves, aquatic plants, barks during winter. Excellent swimmer and love during summer stay hours in mud. This mud protect them from insects.

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4 sub-species

  • Alces alces americana : Eastern Moose, Eastern Canada and northeastern United States (Clinton 1822) toundra.
  • Alces alces anderson : Manitoba Moose, western Canada (Peterson 1950) .
  • Alces alces gigas : Alaska Moose, Alaska and Yokon (Miller 1899) .
  • Alces alces shirasi : Shiras Moose, Wyoming (Nelson 1914) .