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Other sites about deer or close species ...

Canadian Wildlife Service
Cards of Caribous, Moose and White-tailed deer from Canadian Wildlife Service
Whitetail deer
Excellent site about Whitetail deer.
Roe Deer Research Group
An excellent site about Roe Deer : the Roe Deer Research Group.
Deer of UK
An excellent british site about Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Sika Deer, Muntjac Deer and Chinese Water Deer.
BBC Wild facts
An very good page of the BBC about Roe Deer.
The Ultimate Ungulate Page : all you want to knwo about them !
Artic Studies Center
The site of the Artic Studies Center with information about Reindeer and Caribou.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
The site of the Alaska department of Fish and Game with information about Moose, Caribou, Roosevelt Elk and Sitka black-tailed Deer.
Deer Domain
A close site about Deer, Fallow Deer, Moose...
The Deer Net site
DeerNet summarizes Internet resources dealing with the ecology, management and economic utilisation of hoofed mammals.
A great site about Huemul

Beautiful pictures !!

There is a free register the first time, but after be care of your eyes !
The beautiful site of the photograph Barbara Jordan.

Very useful links for me.

The cave of Lascaux
THE site about Lascaux caves !
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
World Conservation Monitoring Centre : the red book of all the threatened species !

Reference in ...

The best !
The best for kids !
Education World
Education World
Animal search
Animal search engine
Britannica Encyclopaedia


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