Arthur | Merlin

The famous legend of King Arthur also use the deer for symbolic meaning.

It is an epic poem, Gododin, atributted to the Aneurin bard, which refers to Arhur for the first time, in a manuscript of XI century which, by its archaisms, must be based on an original of VI century.
The most famous version is the one from Christian of Troyes (1130-1190). All this legend is a collective work which increased through the years.

We find in it the image of a magical deer.


Arthur is a real character from V to beginning of VI century, a chief of Clan, a roman or a celt acting like a roman. His acts of arms against the Germanic invaders appear to have made it possible to push back for a half century the arrival of Saxon in most of the island. His victories and his tragic death tranform him in a Hero with the passing centuries, the only one able to face the enemy, joining in imaginary the oldest mythological figures.


We find the deer symbol in Arthur history. The famoust sample is the Beltane rituel. During this fest to commemorate the beginning of spring, Arthur symbolise the Antler's God Cernunnos. His half-sister, Morgane, symbolise the Goddess Mother.



Merlin also really exist. His behavior made him enter in Arthurian legend. End of VI century he was small chief of tribe of the forest of Kelyddon (Caledonia, Scotland). He would have lost her mind during a battle (according to certain Latin texts) and would have taken refuge in a forest to practice there his talents of clairvoyance near those which consulted him. The "couple" Merlin-Arthur is a good representation of the couple Druide-King on which rests the Celtic society. Wizard, prophet and guardian of young Arthur, he is one the the oldest figure of arthurian legend.

The action takes place in the 500th year AD.

During an act, Merlin takes the figure of a deer to symbolise wisdom.
"During this time, Merlin, who knows all about Emperor perplexity, arrived before Roma doors, did a sortilege and transform himself into a strange animal. He became a deer, the biggest and strangest we ever seen. He had one white foot and weared five antlers on his head, the most beautiful never seen".