Chauvet Caves | Lascaux Caves | Lortet

It's the stone Age: from 1,8 millions years to 18 000 years BC. We can find several examples of deer reproduction in parietal art: wall paints, engraved bones.
Here are 3 sample places where we found some traces but lot of other exist.

Chauvet Caves

Chauvet Caves are in south of France, in Ardeche region. We find here the oldest paints of deer. Those paints are from 31000 years BC, aurignacian culture. It's up to day the oldest paints found.
Here are some samples:

Cervidae paints
Megaloceros - Galery of Megaceros

Lascaux Caves

Lascaux caves are in south of France. We find here lot of deer paints on the wall: 14 times. Thoses paints are from 17000 BC.
Here are some samples:

Little deer group - bulk room details
Deer paints - nef
Black deer -  axial diverticul

Lortet site

Lortet site is in south of France (Pyrenees). We find here engraving bones. Here are some samples:

engraving bones
engraving bones